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Major Characters


Name: Tess

Species: Eevee (shiny)

Age: 15

Sexuality: Asexual

Nature: Lonely, Likes to Fight

Personality: Tess is is defensive, quick tempered, and blunt. She doesn’t care what other mons think of her, and is extremely blunt and straight forward towards them. She can’t back away from a challenge and takes pleasure in defeating others.

Move Set: Iron Tail, Bite, Protect, Swift

SA: Anticipation

Theme Song: Holy by PVRIS/ Hold Me Down by Halsey

Name: Volt

Species: Jolteon

Age: 16

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nature: Jolly, Somewhat of a Clown

Personality: Volt likes making jokes, and always has to be the 'funny guy' in the room. He cares deeply about others, and sees the bright side to everything and everyone. It is very difficult to get him mad.

Move Set: Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Pin Missle

SA: Volt Absorb

Theme Song: Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling/War of Hearts by Ruelle

Species: Yveltal

Age: ????

Sexuality: None

Nature: Adamant, Thoroughly Cunning

Personality: Yveltal's greatest weapon is his tongue. Highly persuasive, he enjoys swaying Pokémon to his will. Despite this, he is a powerful god and will fight back physically if provoked. He likes using complex vocabulary, and likes holding a mysterious air.

Move Set: Oblivion Wing, Foul Play, Taunt, Dragon Rush

SA: Dark Aura

Theme Song: STFD by TeZATalks (Warning: Foul Language)

Species: Rayquaza

Age: ????

Sexuality: None

Nature: Rash, Quick Tempered

Personality: Rayquaza is aggressive, and quick to anger. He loves being in charge, and doesn't hesitate to push his weight around. His favorite pass-time is smiting puny mortals. His biggest concern is his reputation.

Move Set: Dragon Ascent, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Thunder Fang

SA: Air Lock

Theme Song: Thunder by Imagine Dragons


Minor Characters


Name: Leo

Species: Pyroar

Age: 18

Nature: Serious, Strong Willed

Move Set: Flame Charge, Roar, Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Fang

SA: Rivalry

Theme Song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons


Name: Falchion

Species: Skarmory

Age: 25

Nature: Careful, Capable of Taking Hits

Move Set: Fly, Metal Sound, Steel Wing, Sky Attack, Screech

SA: Sturdy

Theme Song: Colors by Halsey


Name: Sahara

Species: Flygon

Age: 37

Nature: Naughty, Hates to Lose

Moveset: Sandstorm, Hyperbeam, Earth Power, Dragon Tail, Earthquake

SA: Sheer Force

Theme Song: none