Name: Tess

Species: Eevee (shiny)

Age: 15

Nature: Lonely

Personality: quick tempered and defensive. She hates it when others treat her like a little kid. Has great talent for battle, and always thinks things through. Likes to fight.

Move Set: Iron Tail, Bite, Protect, Swift

SA: Anticipation

Theme Song: Holy by PVRIS/ Control by Halsey

Name: Volt

Species: Jolteon

Age: 16

Nature: Jolly

Personality: Volt likes making puns. Like, a lot. Wynaut? Is known for jumping into things without giving a thought. Somewhat of a clown.

Move Set: Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Pin Missle

SA: Volt Absorb

Theme Song: Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling

Name: Leo

Species: Pyroar

Age: 18

Nature: Serious

Personality: is serious with everyone but Falchion. He hates being the lowest rank in his group, and has trouble following orders. Strong willed.

Move Set: Flame Charge, Roar, Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Fang

SA: Rivalry

Theme Song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons


Minor Characters


Name: Falchion

Species: Skarmory

Age: 25

Nature: Careful

Personality: he can honestly be a bit of a coward. Is scared of getting punished by Sahara if he steps out of line. Capable of taking hits.

Move Set: Fly, Metal Sound, Steel Wing, Sky Attack, Screech

SA: Sturdy

Theme Song: Colors by Halsey


Name: Sahara

Species: Flygon

Age: 37

Nature: Naughty

Personality: utter asshole. No, really. She is full of herself because she's the leader of a team. Has no regard for anyone else, willing to get nasty in order to get what she wants. Hates to lose.

Moveset: Sandstorm, Hyperbeam, Earth Power, Dragon Tail, Earthquake

SA: Sheer Force

Theme Song: none

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