These are questions that I've seen/answered in the past. I'm posting them because other people might have the same question.

Q: Who is that Umbreon in the cover?

A: Tess.

Q: Tess is an Eevee. Why are you drawing her as an Umbreon? Doesn't that spoil?

A: I drew her this way because she will be an Umbreon for most of the story. Haha oh and also because on the very first cover I posted her as an Umbreon, so it was no secret and I was like "Bah, screw it." TBH it is not very important.

Q: Can I cameo?

A: Yes, the rules are in the news section.

Q: Are Tess and Volt a couple?

A: Nope, just friends.

Q: This reminds me of STLE.

A: *Sparta Kicks off cliff* Please don't. There's nothing I hate more than being told my comic is like another. So don't.

Q: What's that black thing on Leo's shoulder?

A: It's a mark/tattoo thing that shows he's a part of a certain organization. Sahara and Falchion have them too.

How old are you?

A: 14.

Q: How'd you come up with LoS?

A: Eh, I dunno. I guess it just sorta hit me. I've made/brainstormed a lot of stories before LoS, and I kinda...combined them all, I guess? Although I must say as I'm getting older I'm making the story darker.

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